how to open an electric car charging station in india

how to open an electric car charging station in india

how to open an electric car charging station in india
how to open an electric car charging station in india
how to open an electric car charging station in india

Considering the heavily polluted environment rising in India, electric vehicles are highly motivate and becoming more and more popular in the country last recent years with a wide range of EVs manufacturers. India is looking to scale up its public charging infrastructure in a bid to fast track its journey towards carbon neutrality. And Indian government also has made it clear that any individual person is free to set up electric charging station throughout the country.

If anyone is looking for new business opportunities, then setting up EV charging station, repair workshop, and home charging station set up in undoubtedly a great proposal in India. For its part, the central government, while prioritising the electrification of petrol pumps, has already removed a few obstacles for those seeking to set up charging stations, and as a consequence, generate employment while helping bridge the infrastructural gaps.


The document states that anyone is free to set up public charging stations, provided that such stations meet the technical as well as performance standards and protocols said down by the Ministry of Power and Central Electricity. The number of electric charging stations is still very limited that’s why we will provide you with a detail guide on how to open electric car charging  station in India.

What are the basic infrastructural requirements?

  • A transformer with subsequent substation
  • Parking space for electric cars
  • Civil works are required
  • Cable transmission
  • Minimum five ISO certified charger types/ machines
  • Safe and secure area required for Equipments

What type of charger is to be used?



  • Type 1: It is a single phase plug which can be charger power level of upto 3kw. It slowly charges the vehicle from a home charging point converting AC power to DC.
  • Combined Charge System: As the name suggests, these charges have the capability to handle type 1 AC charging as well as Type 2 DC fast charging. Combo charges can handle power input of upto 350kw.
  • CHAdeMo charger: It is a rapid charger with power input of up to 400 kw by 1000 V, 400 A direct current. CHAdeMo is an abbreviation of ‘Charge de Move’ and is widely accepted by over 70 countries across the sphere.
  • Type 2: It is a three phase plug with the capacity to handle power level between 7.4kw and 43kw with a 400 volt AC power supply. This type of charger is compatible with both AC and DC charging systems as well as with vehicles with CCS plugs.

How much does it cost to install a public EV charging station in India?

The estimated cost for the installation of a fast charging station is far higher than an A/C charging station. The cost of electricity, civil work, manpower, maintenance and the charging equipment must all be factored into the total capital investment. Cost of setting EV charging station Rs.1 Lakh to Rs.70 Lakhs depending on the types of chargers and investment one is willing to make. The government of India also declared that no license is required for setting EV charging infrastructure, provided that it complies with the standards as laid down by the ‘Ministry of Power’. In EVs investment most people are not seen cost only one thing they have to Open an electric car charging station in every states of India. Electric vehicles are more demanding in coming months or years.



According to the revised guidelines issued by the MoP, the tariff for supply of electricity to EV public charging station shall be determined by the appropriate commission in accordance with the Traffic Policy issued under section  3 of Electricity Act 2003 which essentially states that the Central Government may, from time to time, in consultation with the State Government and the Authority revise the National Electricity Policy and tariff policy. Basic cost of charges included are the cost of new electricity connection, civil work, technicians and staff, maintenance, advertisement, promotions, and land lease.

Is it a worthwhile investment?

As per the infrastructure guidelines set by the government, it is compulsory to set an EV Charging station at every 3km in cities and 25km on Highways on both sides. While EVs are undoubtedly the future and their usage will no doubt become more rampant, it would take some time for your ROI’s to turn your ledgers green. How to open an electric charging station in India is it a worth investment there are lots queries regarding this. Offer advertisement space, refreshments etc. and you’re likely to turn a profit much quicker. Open an electric car charging station will be future of India and most investors are investing as soon as possible in electric vehicles infrastructure.

We can see the requirement is huge but is the demand really there? Well the answer is YES ( in metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Rajasthan and Pune. Open an electric charging station is a most worthwhile investment in India because there are low investors in India to interest in invest in Charging Station. There is also a point that the future of electric vehicles in India, so whatever investors invest it is worth investment.

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