List of Top 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Manufacturers in India

As the electric vehicle market continues to prosper, the need for efficient EV charging stations continues to grow. Here we list the top 10 EV charging station manufacturers in India.

List of Top 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Manufacturers in India

India is the largest automobile market in the world. Recently the Indian government has revealed that they are planning to prepare for a major transportation transformation by 2030. That is, a major increase in EV usage to reduce emissions and reliance on petroleum imports. As the use of electric vehicles is increasing. By the way, electric vehicle charging stations are also needed. 

In this growing segment, there are few EV charging stations in India that have made their mark in the developing market. We have compiled this list of top 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Station manufacturers in India to supercharge your knowledge. 

To increase your knowledge and curiosity, here is a list of top 10 charging station manufacturers in India:

Top 20 electric vehicle charging station companies – The Leading Solar  Magazine In India

1. TATA Power:

Tata is well known in the vehicle manufacturing sector of India. And due to its position, it is one of the most prominent manufacturers of EV charging stations in the country. Tata's EV charging network covers an area of 9 states including Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Around 300 charging points in 40 cities. Such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam. 

The EV charging solutions by Tata Power (CPO) meet a wide range of charging standards and specifications. Offering smart charging options with the Tata Power mobile app, it is used across various EV categories, makes and models. 

The company is hoping to create an infrastructure for home charging as well as for metro stations, shopping malls, theaters and highways.


Charger is a start up based in Bangalore. Which provides 3.3kW Portable Grocery Charger for Small Shop Owners, Restaurants, Malls, Sites etc at an affordable cost of just Rs 15000/-. Founders transfer their plans and prototypes (mobility- re-imagining). An event where key stakeholders of the mobility value chain meet to discuss the future of the sector. 

The startup not only received an overwhelming response, but also received over 200 pre-orders for grocery charges. Chargers are a portable charging station. And when people come to charge their vehicles. So the owners generate different types of revenue. 

Firstly, every hour, every day, every month whenever someone plugs the charger in. So you have the option to earn extra income. And second you attract more customers.

3. Delta Electronics India:

Delta is India's leading EV charging manufacturer in terms of sales. and offer a wide range of charging equipment including DC Quick Charger and AC EV Charger. It also provides site management systems for parking lots, workplaces, residential buildings, etc. 

4. Fortum India: 

Fortum is a Finnish clean energy company. Which has activity in more than 40 companies. The credit for this goes to IndianOil's first public charging station in Hyderabad. 

Finnish development financier and professional impact investor FinFund will invest in Fortum's public charging point operator (CPO), Fortum Charge and Drive India Private Limited (FCDIPL), according to the company's recent statement. This will accelerate the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India. 

FCDIPL is a growing electric mobility infrastructure provider with over 70 public charging points across 40 locations in India. It also plans to offer software as a service (SaaS) to another CPO for the EV charging infrastructure network and customer interface. 

5. Mass-Tech: 

Mass Tech Industrial is one of the leading manufacturers of Battery Charger and Control Panel. Which was established in 1993 by Shri Subhash Patil. An Electrical Engineer with expertise in industrial electronics and microprocessor control applications.  

Mass Tech Controls Pvt. Ltd. manufactures DC UPS. Including Battery Charging Equipment, DC Distribution Board, DC-DC Converters, Polarization Rectifiers, Cathodic Protection, LV Switchgear Panel. From the year 2014 Mass Tech has started manufacturing ev charging stations from 10kv to 200kv.

Mass Tech is working with all major EV manufacturing OEMs like Tata Motors, Mahindra, Volvo and KPIT. It is credited for the completion of the installation of a DC fast charging station in Mumbai in partnership with Tata Motors. 

6. Exicom: 

Exicom is the manufacturer. Which provides EV charging stations for public charging of two wheelers, three wheelers, commercial vehicles and passenger cars. It truly provides the ultimate charging solution for the home. It has installed an impressive range of Bharat AC and DC chargers for Mahindra e-Verito cars procured by Tata Tigor and EESL. 

Exicom is committed to achieve the goal of making India a 100% Electric Vehicle Nation. and supports the government's mission to move a large portion of the country's fleet to electric mode by 2030. Exicom's Harmony Multi Standard Fast DC Charger is an electric vehicle charging solution with 3 output connectors. Which are CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2 AC compliant.

Which meets the needs of all types of vehicles and charging. This design alone can provide the flexibility to accommodate anywhere between 30kW- 200KW.

7. Bright Blu: 

BrightBlu maker came into existence in August 2019 with the merger of Asia Electric, an EV charging company, and DriveAMP, a smart charging automation provider. DriveAMP is a smart charging technology provider. It supplies hardware technology and required technology to charging point operators in India. The purpose of merging 2 companies is to optimize their products and services.

The key offerings by the brand are the charging management software and features of the AC Type 2 charger. BrightBlu aims to provide its customers with a cost-effective and better accessible EV charging solution.  

8. ABB India:

ABB is a leading name for electric mobility. In which more than 14000 DC fast chargers have been installed in more than 80 countries. ABB India in association with EV Motors India installed its first DC fast charger in New Delhi last year. 

The Terra54 CJG Charging Station meets multiple charging protocols of CCS2, CHadeMO and AC Type 2. According to company officials, the EV charging station will allow commuters to charge their cars from 0 to 80 percent in 40-50 minutes. 

Additionally, all ABB chargers come with connected services, so customers can easily connect their chargers to a variety of software systems such as back-office, payment platforms, energy management online solutions and smart remote diagnostics, providing significant uptime value. 

9. Panasonic:

Panasonic has launched a smart EV charging service called Nymbus in India. This is a technologically advanced charging service. Which combines physical components such as charging stations, swap stations, on-board charging, telematics systems and virtual components such as cloud service, analytics, intuitive dashboards and artificial intelligence. So that one stop solution can be given. 

Nymbus is a great solution to cater to the growing electric mobility market in India. The solution is geared towards helping individual EV users, EV fleet owners, e-commerce and logistics companies manage their vehicles more efficiently.

It will also help utility providers, vehicle, appliance and battery manufacturers to understand user patterns and offer products and services accordingly. 

10. Ensto: 

Ensto is an internationally renowned technology company. which provides electric vehicle charging systems, electric heaters and electrical solutions for power distribution networks, buildings, marine and electric traffic. 

The first Ensto electric vehicle charging station in India was opened in New Delhi in 2017. The EV charging product range by Ensto includes modular, high performance electric vehicle charging stations. They are a leading name in developing and manufacturing high quality charging products and services for Electric Vehicles. 

Ensto focuses on smart EV charging, with smart grid-ready products and cloud-based services, they aim to create eco-friendly EV solutions. 

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