GPS Gateway - Helping EV Manufacturers and Corporates with Their AI Powered IoT Platform

GPS Gateway is a vehicle tracking platform that enables fleet owners to perform geofencing of their vehicles and monitor performance.

GPS Gateway - Helping EV Manufacturers and Corporates with Their AI Powered IoT Platform

Gone are the days when fleet owners had to worry about the location and condition of their vehicles. Technological advances have made it possible to track your vehicle instead of your phone, laptop and tablet. Not only this, you can also do geofencing of your vehicles and monitor their performance. 

GPS Gateway is a vehicle tracking platform that enables fleet owners to monitor and manage their vehicles. It offers a range of GPS based vehicle tracking features that help you improve the operation and performance of your vehicles, handle drivers effectively, reduce your expenses, and in turn help you improve your life expectancy. Provides better quality. 

GPS Gateway enables you to access the real time location and travel speed of your entire fleet of vehicles. It shows the routes and distance covered by all your vehicles and informs you about the vehicle movements like moving from one place to another or going in/out of geofence. Not only this, it also provides comprehensive reporting for better analysis of your vehicles.  

The platform relies on GPS tracking technology to track vehicle locations and uses cloud-based servers for data storage. It offers an easy-to-use mobile app and is compatible with tracking devices provided by other companies. 

GPS Gateway software totally developed in INDIA

How does GPS Gateway work?

As already mentioned, GPS Gateway uses GPS or Global Positioning System to fetch the real-time location of your fleet of vehicles. They provide the physical equipment that needs to be installed in each of your vehicles. These tracking devices collect data about your vehicle's location and other parameters like fuel level etc. and send it to a cloud-based server. 

This data is eventually displayed on your mobile and computer allowing you to track the location and performance of all your vehicles. Real time tracking of vehicle location helps in better management of your vehicles, drivers and field staff. 

Now that we know what GPS Gateway offers and how it actually works, let’s take a look at the wide range of features it has to offer. 

Features in GPS Gateway

GPS-Capable Tracking System: 

To accurately track the position of the vehicles, the device uses GPS technology. 

Real-Time Vehicle Location monitoring:

With GPS, the real time location data of the vehicle is sent to cloud based servers and from there to your mobile and desktop. Since real-time data is available, you know exactly where your vehicle is at a given point in time.

Vehicle Speed Tracking: 

The device comes with a speed tracking feature that shows you the speed at which the vehicles in your fleet are traveling. 

Distance Travelled:

Since the device uses GPS, it can calculate the total distance covered by your vehicle.

Alerts and Push Notifications: 

The software sends you notifications and alerts through Email/SMS/App in case of incidents like vehicle movement, over-speeding etc. inside and outside the geofence set. It allows you to track the movements of your vehicles from anywhere at any time. 

Vehicle Movement Alarm: 

As mentioned earlier, you are alerted when your vehicles move from one place to another. 


GPS Gateway allows you to set geofence or virtual boundaries for your vehicles. You get alerted when a vehicle moves in and out of the geofence.This helps you ensure that your drivers and field staff are moving along the defined route and avoids any delays in deliveries. 

Graphical Reports: 

From all the data collected by the device, GPS Gateway generates various reports related to the performance of your vehicle. These reports give you deep insights and enable you to take corrective measures for things that are not working well. 

Built-in Storage and Memory: 

The tracking device comes with built in memory to store various parameters related to the performance of your vehicle. 

GPS Gateway provides support through Email, Phone calls, tickets on portal and live support as well.

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