Job Opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Industry

With the increasing focus on transforming transportation from ICE vehicles to electric vehicles, there are a lot of job opportunities. Along with the existing workforce, new talent can also take advantage. Here we discuss the job opportunities offered by the EV industry.

Job Opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Industry

Do you know that about 25% of the transport (cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks and other two wheelers, three wheelers) in India is expected to convert to electric vehicles by 2030. At present there are more than 23 crore vehicles in India. It is expected that by 2030 we will have over 100 million electric vehicles with internal combustion engines. 

Also, the incredible growth of electric vehicles increases the rate of employment and job opportunities for the youth. According to the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the EV industry is expected to generate around 5 crore direct and indirect employment opportunities

The employment rate in the renewable energy sector is more significant than the recent employment rate. The Indian Labor Organization report states that employment opportunities in the renewable energy industry will increase to 38 lakh by 2030. 

The huge employment opportunities in the EV industry will help improve the Indian economy and increase the employment rate. The EV industry is lighting up the future of the young skilled population. 

primary job opportunities are for the following sectors: 

  • Scientific Research
  • Designing and Development 
  • Production 
  • Vehicle Maintainence 
  • Infrastructure Development 

Although there are many indirect jobs for electrical, chemical, mineral mining and material engineers.

The EV industry will create over 10 million jobs in the areas of designing, testing, manufacturing, wiring, charging infrastructure, sales, services, redesigning of existing infrastructure, battery technology and many more.

In addition, new employment opportunities do not replace traditional skilled workers. Instead, industry-related services and ICEs provide facilities to qualified employees.

ICE skilled technicians are highly recruited for retrofitting. The EV industry creates opportunities for the youth. Therefore, youth unemployment decreases rapidly and helps in the economic development of the country.

List of Job Opportunities in Electric Vehicle Industry: 

The EV industry is expected to provide many employment opportunities for the skilled population. ev Important profiles in the industry that require skilled workforce research. Such as designing and development, manufacturing, vehicle maintenance and infrastructure development. 

As mentioned above, there are various job requirements in the electric vehicle industry.

Research and Development:

The electric vehicle industry needs the latest technology and ideas to adapt to the research and development team. Which are trending around the world to improve battery charging, recharging technology, fuel and material sources. 

Research and development teams conduct research and testing on electric vehicle technology. Typically, chemists and physical scientists examine battery life and analyze its performance. 

It also helps physicists to discover new materials as replacements for existing materials. To make electric vehicles better than conventional vehicles, researchers conduct various tests to bring in faster recharging technology.

The research and development team helps improve various aspects of battery charging, electric vehicle materials and battery fuel use. People in the field of chemical physics can avail job opportunities in the electric vehicle industry. 

Design and Development: 

The design and development area includes all those who assist in the initial vehicle modeling process to the final development process. Generally, engineers, software developers, industrial designers, technicians and drafters work in this field.

They find result oriented and economical solutions that reduce vehicle cost. The design and development team strives to design accessible vehicles for all people from rich to middle class to poor financial families. 

Chemical, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Industrial Engineers, Software Engineers, Developers, Designers are highly sought people for this job opportunity in the industry. 

Electric Vehicles Manufacturing:

Manufacturing requires a workforce and involves complex processes. Manufacturing labor will be sourced from traditional vehicle industries. These people work in large sectors and plants outside the cities. Manufacturing team focus on machine designing and focus on designing. They assemble the workforce and machinery equipment. 

The people specializing in the EV manufacturing sector are Machinists, Industrial Managers, Machine Tool Operators and Equipment Assemblers. 

Maintainence Department: 

This is nothing but the maintenance and repair work of the vehicle. Regular employees can also do this work. However, the electrical system demands electrical repair workers.

Personal maintenance work includes replacing and installing the batteries based on the electric vehicle. Typically, maintenance tasks require mechanics and technicians. Knowledge about battery systems and electrical systems is essential in these specialized EV job opportunities. 

Infrastructure Development:

As electric vehicles increase on the road. Hence the need for charging stations is increasing and electric vehicles require specialized charging infrastructure. Including battery charging and swapping systems. 

The government is planning to include public and private points for easy access to the charging system. In emergency cases, you will have multiple charging points away from your home and office.

The infrastructure development team focuses on the implementation of charging points in various cities and upgradation of existing battery charging systems. 

Implementing the charging infrastructure primarily requires powerline repairers and installers along with a few electricians

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